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Prosit is the Latin expression for “may it benefit you” and that’s exactly what Prosit Ord & Bild AB (Words & Images Ltd) wants to be for you; a one-stop-shop freelance service that caters for your creative communication needs and benefits your business.

If you are interested in using me as a freelance (copy)writer, social media manager, image maker or your special creative genie, please get in touch.

My passion for anything that has to do with words, images and creativity is deep. Copywriting (incl SEO and transcreation), content editing, blogging, articles, travel guides, reviews, translations (Swe-Eng-Swe), localizations and social media management are some examples of what I can do for you.

Also please note that working with things that make my heart sing and the world a better place is my top priority. Projects and collaborations with likeminded people who share my values and actively work with CSR are very important to me.

In fact I do believe that Your small scale business will save the world – let’s do it together!

With a background as creative writer, web editor, community manager and ex-lawyer who firmly believe that everything communicates I bring a unique and personal touch to pretty much everything you will require. In other words, I always pay attention to details and possess a very high degree of versatility and professionalism. And, aren’t you lucky, I’m here to benefit your business!

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